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19th January 14

Home to subdued advertised, non-commercialized, aesthetically beautiful designer brands. 

Ambition to Create Novel Expression - Acne.

What started out as a consulting firm, grew into a creative collective of Prêt-a-Porter, bi-annual magazines, furniture, books, and exhibitions. Jonny Johansson is the brilliant mind behind this work of collaborated arts. His interest in photography, architecture, and contemporary culture, lead him to deliver products through each one of these industries.

Acne Studios is his ready-to-wear line (men & women), featured in every seasonal fashion week. This Swedish brand holds true to the roots of Scandinavian fashion:

There has always been this idea that Scandinavian designs focus on common sense, which doesn’t really mix with the world of high fashion,” says David Hellqvist, editor of Dazed Digital and fashion editor of Swedish magazine Hemma. “Traditionally, clothes from the region are built to last, be comfortable and keep you warm.” - The Guardian 

Think of & Other Stories

Johansson has a pool of knowledge which he regurgitates into different forms of art - something I find extremely fascinating. The brand doesn’t rely on campaign advertising or an overly exposed name, making it exclusive and unique. Whilst some oversaturate the market with logos and big print advertising, Acne has a more subtle approach and focuses on custom fabrics, tailoring, and quality. Some brands collaborate simply for the power of co-branding, Johansson collaborates for the experience of working with another equality creative creature. This in itself is how the brand is promoted, which has made them one of the top Scandinavian brands.

Learn more about all things Acne here.


Have a gander at a few popular Swedish Bloggers:


4th January 14

Market Le Cordonnier*

  1.  Eviter de porter vos chaussures deux jours de suite**

The first of 9 indispensable rules to ensure the longevity of your shoes’ life. Much like the lotion we apply to our bodies after we’ve showered and towel dried, the leather on your shoes must too, be nourished. The material that’s stitched onto the inner and outer soles of your shoes once lived on an animal. The natural ageing of this leather with exposure to air, dust, and in the unfortunate event, rain - requires cleaning, moisturising, and polishing to maintain its quality. 

Over the last three years I’ve grown ever so passionate about the quality of a designer shoe or two (…or thirteen, nevermind). I love my shoes and am basically convinced that they’ll last forever. I plan for my unborn girl to inherit them and wear them with pride. Yes, some may call me cray, although my love for these shoes stems from personal experience. 

A shoe crafted by the hands of an Italian cobbler will last. However, to maintain the unavoidable wear and tear of shoes, you have Minuit Moins Sept. The official shoe cobbler for Christian Louboutin; yes that’s right, wear out your red soles and they can replace & repair them to their original state, preserving their authenticity. Opened in Paris in 2007, this cobbler will reinstate the quality you paid for. Discover their website, and be amazed by their commitment and expertise when it comes to your haut de gamme shoes. You will begin to understand the importance of caring for your investments. 

I have discovered what could be the greatest news to a shoeholic Londoner - London will now be home to the second official cobbler for Christian Louboutin shoes. Located in what I’d like to call the posh area of East London - Clerkenwell. Which works out just perfectly for me because even though I may have moved South West, East London is much closer to me than Paris. I think I will have to pay this little dream a visit very soon, and you may too…

You’re welcome ;)


** Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes two days in a row. 

Minuit Moins 7
710 Passage Véro Dodat

Minuit Moins 7
163-165 Whitecross Street
East London

Market L’Oxford.

2nd January 14

     image                    image

The body of the oxford shoe is created to appear as a flawless portion of leather, with a second leather piece forming the toe-cap….The toe cap can either be lined with two narrow rows of stitching, perforated holes along the end cap stitching (quarter-brogue), [or] perforated holes along the end cap stitching and on the toe cap (semi-brogue)…”

Or as Wang would possibly describe it -  ”monochrome, with perforated holes”. A shoe that was once only worn by males, has been adopted by the creatives of the fashion world to produce a feminine version for us ladies to trot around in.

Not being the first of its genre (oversized mens coats, the ‘boyfriend’ jean, etc.), the Oxford shoe has been around for many years. However, the designs have recently been unique, and quite bold, such as Prada’s espadrille detailed brogue from the SS11 collection. 

The above photographs are from Alexander Wang’s 2014 Pre-fall collection. He’s taking a real twist on the Men’s classic Oxford, and has designed a whole knee high boot for the Misses. Keeping the monochrome trend alive, these statement boots are bound to saturate the blogosphere come September 2014. 


27th December 13


The soft pastels flowing from the mannequins’ figures, offer a strong femininity. With wide silhouettes and oblique lines, a bold look is created and these pale faced models come alive. This collection is beautiful; watching the runway show was similar to listening to a lullaby whilst dozing off into dream, as these models walked calmly to the sweetest playlist.  

My curiosity lead to fifteen minutes of looking for the meaning of the Spanish word “Del Pozo”. I visited to the brand’s homepage, and my search suddenly came to a halt; Delpozo was the founder’s surname…

Founded in 1974 by Jesús del Pozo, the Spanish house stemmed from his creative root and bloomed into an internationally known brand for fragrances and prêt-a-porter bridal collections. This couture house has stayed true to its seed and kept a strong Spanish aesthetic, even today, with the appointed Josep Font at the realm of the name following Pozo’s passing in 2011. It’s single brick-and-mortar shop is in non other than the city of Madrid. With no e-tail business set up, Delpozo maintains a certain prestigious and exclusive image. 

"We feel a sincere fascination for the woman and an innate attraction to her personality, which involves both respect and devotion. The brand establishes a profound and honest complicity with the feminine figure… DELPOZO.COM

Je suis tombée amoureuse*…


*I’ve fallen in love…

3rd October 13

Romantic & Beautiful. If I could own an entire runway collection…

 Valentino Garavani 


27th August 13

Everything these models have on, to die.


CHANEL PRE COLLECTION AW 2013/14 - WOMEN ONLY - (by magazinecrash)

& Other Stories

19th July 13

imageThis brand is for women interested in fashion who want to develop a personal style, a total look - their own story. - Telegraph

There’s something that particularly intrigues me about Swedish fashion designs… The uniqueness, the strange, in the most fashion forward disguise.  

If you have not heard of this little gem yet, let me introduce you to & Other Stories

I won’t get into too much detail as you must experience it in the flesh, but this Swedish brand under the very large H&M group represents quality and affordability. 

I’m lucky to have the one and only London store in close proximity, although this is also very dangerous. With weekly visits and frequent impulsive shoe purchases; proof that this eclectic collection of beauty, ready-to-wear, and accessories is shoppable. 

Visit the London store on Regent street or fancy and online purchase, click here.


8th June 13

If I could tell you a story…


29th May 13
This bag…

This bag…


2nd April 13

LoubouTube meaning Louboutin x Youtube of course. 

An actual channel is now available to all the red sole shoe fans. Brand new to the Louboutin World, sounds bizarre right? I was taken aback as well as I thought this shoe designing power house would’ve already had every form of social media channel on the go. Well surprise surprise, a new direction that the marketing team may have forgotten to explore! How it will do is a whole other question…

We’ve all loved the man behind the infamous sole (don’t lie, you know you want at least ONE pair ;)), so why wouldn’t a YouTube page be successful? First thought that came to my mind was why would this non music-related brand make a YouTube channel? My mind then began to brainstorm away so I narrowed it down to three simple reasons;

1. Think about the amount of people who log on and use YouTube on the regs - “More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month" on top of the millions who subscribe each day. 

2. Once people have accounts, with all the advanced technology that allows the site to suggest videos, the following happens: You’re watching a Rick Ross video, (the dude always talks about glittery red bottom soles) I’m sure that somehow one of these Louboutin vids will be suggested to you.

3. New medium = new market segment. The “YouTubers”? Yes, YouTube users can be segmented all on their own. Targeting them specifically can introduce them to a whole new Loubouworld. 

We can’t forget that YouTube is a great channel to promote e-commerce and online campaigns! Now that everything is available to view on YouTube such as live stream fashion shows, It’s only natural for their team to create a page to feature all the making-ofs and behind-the-scenes videos.

bravo! CL Team, It’s about time!